Historic Path

Eskisehir is an ancient city which lays from Byzantine to Seljuk, from Ottoman to Republic. Eskisehir that includes many civilizations, has got history of Phrigians and Hittite. With developing urban life, good practices, besides two universities, cultural-art structure, aviation center, planned industry, underground treasure and various of social life, Eskisehir has closed to European Cities level.

Odunpazari settled onto the hills that on the South side. Odunpazari District lays on the present totally by protecting traditions and Traditional Ottoman Architectural, with curled and blind streets, historic wooden-row houses.

In Odunpazari, there are religious and social structures, also public and commercial structures. Kurşunlu Mosque and complex was built as a social complex by Mustafa Pasha in 1525. The most of these structures are Akoğlan, Müftü, Tiryakizade, Hasanpaşa Mosques and Tomb of Sheik Şahabettin. The most important public structures are Atatürk Highschool, Republic History Museum and Mal Hatun Elementary School that was built by style of The First National Architectural Age. Odunpazari District was protected and registered officially as “Odunpazari Historic and Urban Protected Area”.

Historic  Odunpazari  Houses  was  built  by  wood,  alcove  which  was  made  by  puddle-clay  via Traditional Turkish Architecture.

Odunpazari is getting the center of interest via The most protected historic architectural texture and bazaars,  public  houses,  ottoman  bazaars,  coffee  houses,  restaurants,  boutique  hotels,  enlighten streets for domestic or foreign tourists.


Eskisehir is also an education and scientific city. The city has been taken a title which is the first city with two universities in Anatolia. One of the two universities is Anadolu University that has got 12 faculties, 6 colleges, 3 vocational colleges, 5 institutes and 1 conservatory. The other one is Osmangazi University that has got 9 faculties, 6 colleges, 5 institutes and 1 conservatory.

Odunpazarı District which has got 399.451 populations, rises to prominence by historic and cultural values.



The Municipality which used to depended on Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, was registered on 04.04.1994 in Eskisehir officially. The Municipality’s manner of rule is social democrat.  That manner indigenises socially beneficial, productive and modern service mentality, trying to get a quality city life and people oriented by the equipped projects which compatibled with sources and timetable.

The mission of The Municipality is providing sustainable, equal and quality service which is participative management, aims welfare of local people.

The vision is being a leader municipality in Turkey and even Europe thereby getting modern level urban life and management of the city.

For a good and qualify servicing to local people and covering their demands The   Municipality founded divisional houses, public and youth centers in the Odunpazari area. That Public Centers service vocational courses for the public (free of charge), set libraries, make conferences and information meetings in the territory. Odunpazari Municipality provides opportunity of personal development for the youth of Odunpazari Youth. Also, they can gather those centers for improving projects and ideas.

The objective of the H.H.O.M. (Health your  Home with Odunpazari Municipality) (SOBE)-the most important social responsibility project of Odunpazari Municipality- is to visit elders aged 65 and over and perform a needs analysis. By the agency of needs analysis; health conditions, percentages of health services usage, quality of life and standards of living of elders are examined, shortcomings and needs are investigated. These examined needs are met through our team within municipal facilities in subsequent visits.

Firstly in 2015, (21 March) The World Woods Day has been organized by Odunpazari Municipality in Eskisehir for the third times in the world. In 2016, the festival has been organized as “Wood Hands” motto. In the following years, The International Wood Festival will be planned to organize.

Odunpazari Municipality organizes International Glass Festival for four years by bringing together national and international glass artists. The Historic Odunpazari District where will be organized all the activities, has got hot/cold glass art workshops and glass art museum.

Another organisation which brings the national/international artists is “International Odunpazari Firinging Ceramic Workshop”. In 2016, the workshop has been arranged by Odunpazari Municipality for the second time.

Meerschaum becomes a symbol in Eskisehir and it has been mained from only area in the world. Meerschaum has been known as “Eskisehir Stone”   too.  The   meerschaum works which in International Meerschaum Festival-that has been organized by Eskisehir Governorship since 1998, Meerschaum Handworks Competition and the exhibitions, was bought by The Governorship and got the first step into meerschaum museum. There are 400 works which belong to 60 artists in the Meerschaum Museum. In 2008, this museum open for the domestic and foreign tourists in The Kurşunlu Social Complex by Odunpazari Municipality.

In Historic Odunpazari Area, there are shops and workshops in the bazaar where is in Kurşunlu Social Complex. Traditional Handwork Arts which are almost extinction will be keep alive by exhibiting in this bazaar.

Atlı Inn is a bazaar which has got unknown history, lays on the ancient time in Odunpazarı Area. This Inn used to serve accommodating by traders, travelers and passengers in the old times. It was restorated by Odunpazari Municipality as handworks bazaar. There are workshops and shops where creating or selling stuff and traditional handworks made by meerschaum, silver in The Atlıhan Inn. It comprised of 2 floors.

Besides  all  of  them,  The  Municipality  provides  Odunpazari  Vocational  Courses  (OMEK),  like vocational and artistic education as public service. The aim of the service, to reach education to every person in the community and to raise qualified employee.

Odunpazari Municipality that provides positive discrimination to women, open a bazaar named “Odunpazari Women Handcraft Bazaar” (OKEP) to sell the products by the women at their own houses in Odunpazari Area. The participants of the bazaar exhibit their products in this place by rotating at the weekends.

However, Odunpazari Municipality incorporates an animal health center which aims to solve street animals problem in Eskisehir far away daily solutions. This center that serves veterinary services, provides shelters for the animals which live on the streets and takes care them with modern equipments.

Odunpazari Municipality on the other hand, was built a sport campus on the area which is total 16.912 square metre. There are 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, 1 football field (for 50*30 metres), 1 Baca Ball Playground, park for children, fitness area, street plays such as chess, hopscotch and also walking trial in this campus.

Besides, Odunpazari Municipality is built parks, gardens and landscaping for public to spend times comfortably, raise the life quality.

As Odunpazari Municipality we wish to be partner with you for the project which opens to new ideas via understanding that cares the projects.

There are 5 Vice Presidents and 28 departments in Odunpazarı Municipality.

Interior Departments;

  • IT
  • Survey and Project
  • Directorate of Technical Works
  • Cleaning Services
  • Park and Gardens (landscape)
  • Transportation
  • Supporting Services
  • Property and Expropriation
  • Law Offices
  • Financial Services
  • Health Services
  • Business and Participation
  • Human Resources
  • Sport Services
  • Section of Registry
  • Municipal Police
  • Strategical and Statistic
  • Constract and Urban Services
  • Rural Area Services
  • License and Controlling
  • Controlling Construct
  • Press and PR
  • Theatre and Art Services
  • Woman and Family Services
  • Culture and Social Works
  • Social Help Department


Eskisehir Odunpazari Municipality has organised 3 different international festivals every year.

  • Wood is Good (Wooden Festival)

Since 2015, Odunpazarı Municipality has organised the international festival calls “Wood is Good” in every year. As a result of the festival, both lots of wooden unique works (sculpture etc.) and has been a forest. Such as;

  • Peace Forest: After Wood is Good 2015, Odunpazarı Municipality has made a forest calls “Peace Forest” The forest is 35.000 square metre in Vadişehir Area.
  • Freedom Forest: The Festival in 2016, The Municipality has made a forest calls “Freedom Forest” which contains 2.500 saplings on 62.000 square metre area that is next to TEKSAN (an industry site in Eskişehir).
  • Justice Forest: After Wood is Good 2017, Odunpazari Municipality has made a forest calls “Justice Forest” on TEKSAN Industry Site. The forest is 33.400 square metre and contains 1500 trees. 


Odunpazari Municipality has organised The Glass Festival since 2013.


Odunpazarı Municipality, every year has organised The Festival (ceramic, terra-cotta technics and Works etc.) since 2015.

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Twin Cities


Eskişehir Han Municipality

Afyonkarahisar Municipality

Van Bahçesaray Municipality

Ankara Keçiören Municipality

Adıyaman/Besni/ Çakırhöyük Municipality

Konya Tuzlukçu Municipality

International Twin Cities

Kosovo-Jacova Municipality

Bulgaria-Razgrad Municipality

Tunisia- Zaghouan Municipality

Arrival &Eat

How do I get Eskişehir?

Visitors can get Eskişehir from another big cities such as Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya etc. directly. Another way to get Eskişehir is high-speed train. This train services Eskişehir-Ankara and İstanbul-Ankara. If visitors can chose the plane, they arrive Ankara or İstanbul easily from anywhere in Turkey. Then, they get Eskişehir by high-speed train.

International Arrival

 The visitors which come to Eskişehir from foreign countries, get Istanbul, Ankara or İzmir by plane and then get Eskişehir by high-speed train or coach.

Food Culture

Çibörek – a traditional food. It is kind of fried dough and minced meat.

Met Halva – a sweetmeat like dessert mostly made with semolina or flour

Balaban Kebab – meatball, pide (some kind of bread), yogurt and sauce with butter


Att. Kazım KURT

He was born in Yenikent Village, Seyitgazi in 1957. In 1976, Kazım KURT entered The Faculty of Law in Ankara University and graduated in 1980.

Kazım KURT was in politics actively during the university education. In this duration, he gained chance to get important political information because of some political publications and has started to his profession after the internship in Eskişehir.

In 1982, he married with Türküz KURT and started a new period in his life. After 1987 elections, he joined SHP party by supporting his background that gained on the university education.

Mr. KURT who was mentioned his name with proud, has been on duty very actively since he has joined the party. After his city leadership and secretary of CHP (political party), Kazım KURT became District Head of the same party. In 1995, he became candidate on the second line.

At the end of 2008, he decided to join Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality parliament, thus he became a candidate from DSP (political party) lists with a couple of his friends.

Kazım KURT, who was a candidate on the second line from CHP in the 2011 elections, he gained a right to enter Grand National Assembly of Turkey after his successful works when he was a member of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. Mr. KURT proved that the party has power of assembly in his candidate duration one more time, he received appreciation as the most successful candidate from representers of the other parties via his works for Eskişehir.

In 2014, he broke new ground and he is the first person who has resigned from parliamentary for being a mayor. However this act, he shows that how he loves Eskişehir.

At the end of the successful election term, he was elected as The Mayor of Odunpazarı Municipality in 2014 and opened a new perspective to his politics career.

He says; “our ambition is to be the power in Turkey. We are going to work on any platform” and he is still working for Odunpazarı in social democratic way Also, Kazım KURT is a family man and has got a boy and a daughter.